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Our Leaders


Mindy Viteri

Founder & CEO

Mindy founded Viteri Accounting and Financial Services in 2019 after seeing the need for a more professional and healthy working atmosphere.  Tired of drama and her teams feeling like their contributions never matter, she set out to create a company that held each and every team member at the same level of importance.  Each person is a part of the Viteri Family and is of equal value. 

With over 25 years of accounting and business experience, she aims to provide quality business services to our clients through efficiency and accuracy. 

"People are the center of everything we do in life.  Our legacy is not in the things we acquire but rather in the way we are able to bless others.  My prayer is that my life will be a blessing, inspiration, or a joy to those around me."

Nate Nedanovska

Director of HR

From the moment Nate graduated from the Faculty of Economics in 2014, she knew that besides numbers, her huge passion was to help people find their place under the sun in the business world.  Since this time, she has devoted her whole heart to this profession, tirelessly investing in improving her knowledge and skills.

"I believe it is about love at first sight!"

But that could not be different if we take into account the number of companies that have found the solution to their problems precisely in the commitment of our team for Human Resource Management.

Nate N..jpg

Alessandra Follesa

Director of Accounting & Finance EU

An experienced business & finance professional manager with almost 10 years of rich experience, Alessandra has independently handled all aspects of accounting and finance related functions including: funds management, taxation, MIS reporting, preparing various reports, client management and statutory compliance with solid planning and organizational skills.

She is currently leading a full team of professional accounting, bookkeeping and FP&A specialists.

Besides numbers, her biggest passions are traveling, cooking, music and movies. 

Her life motto is: keep your heart and mind open to life and never stop learning, and she applies it every day as much as she can.

Kirsys Cresencio

Operations Admin Assistant

Kirsys' passion has always been helping people.  She studied business administration, and as soon as she graduated she understood that she had the tools to not only be a leader but to be part of great teams that would change people's lives.  Every organization she has belonged to for the past 7+ years has added amazing value to her career.  As proud as she as of her achievements, she is also grateful to be part of a company/family like Viteri Accounting. Every day, she grows and develops a better version of herself while making some incredible friends along the way.


Amandeep Kaur

Director of Accounting & Finance US

With over 10 years of experience in accounting and finance, Amandeep worked across a variety of businesses in the US with companies operating online and offline. During this period, she devoted herself completely to this profession and became a certified Chartered Accountant. She always guides her team as a mentor and supervises the team by introducing new, innovative and challenging methods with efficiency and accuracy. To give real service, she feels she must add something to our client's businesses which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.

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