Similing Team

Start-Up Help

We understand that starting up a business can be a daunting undertaking.  It's an exciting process but owners worry that there might be something they a missing along the way.  That's where we come in!

  • Consulting

 Included in our services is simple consulting work.  Basically we are here to answer any and all questions concerning founding a business, light tax advisement, state requirements, management mentoring, team design and creation, and much more.

  • Funding

 There are many different ways to fund your business.  We are aware of almost all and can help you see the pros and cons to each option.  We can also match you with those who can assist in your preference.

  • Systems

Our team has assisted with many systems setups, implementations and advisements.  We can help you decide what systems are best for your company and assist you in implementation if needed.

  • Departmental Support and Setup

Sometimes its hard to determine exactly how many team members are needed and how to arrange them.  Businesses should always manage the number of employees and contractors carefully.  Too little and you can't meet customer demands, too many and you hurt your bottom line.  We can help you find that "sweet spot."

Similing Team