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New Client Submission Form

Referrals mean the world to us!
A referral is the best manner of praise for our team.  We receive referrals quite often from our clients, colleagues and friends.  Now we are able and want to give back!  Included in our Partner Program, we offer commissions or client credits for any referrals that turn into new clients.  Please complete the following form to submit a referral.  Also see the links above for more information about rates, rules and procedures in the Partner Programs.
Viteri Accounting Partner Prospect Submission Form

To register your prospect with Viteri Accounting, please enter below.  Be sure to read the Partner Agreement terms and conditions and carefully complete the following form.  If the submission is not accurate, commission may be deemed ineligible.

Partner Information

Prospect Information

What products or services is the prospect interested in?
Upload File

Thank you for submitted your prospect.  Once accepted, you will receive an email of confirmation.

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