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Partner Commission Chart

Partner Marketing Guidelines



New Client Submission Form

Press Guidelines






  • When using the word "partner" in your blog, please specify you are a "Viteri Accounting & Financial Services Partner".

  • Feel free to insert the Viteri Accounting boilerplate and other up-to-date information about Viteri Accounting found in our Press Room.

  • Do a quick review of the above guidelines.

  • Submit your ready-for-publication release to us via email. Please have "Blog Review Request" and your name in the subject line.

  • We will then work with you in a timely fashion to review, edit, and finalize for distribution. Please allow 1-3 business days for full review.


Social Media


Feel free to use any of these pre-approved social media posts. Remember, you can use the images for visual panache in our Press Room


Facebook / LinkedIn / Other

New Partner Post

  • We’re extremely excited to announce that [YOUR COMPANY NAME] is now a Viteri Accounting & Financial Services Partner. Looking forward to helping businesses reach new heights and feel confident in their financial position!



New Partner Tweets

  • We've teamed up with @ViteriServices as a new Sales Partner. Can't wait to bring Financial Confidence to other businesses!

  • Our team (@Agency Name) is excited to announce we've joined @ViteriServices as a new Partner!


Brand Guidelines

Logo use, ad campaigns, and naming.

Viteri Accounting & Financial Services Logo Use

We’ve assembled quite a few logos you can use to show off your tier status. These logos are only reserved for Partners who have reached a specified tier. Please do not modify or adjust these logos, such as using the Viteri Accounting & Financial Services logo, or pieces of it as a part of your company logo / brand element. 

Tier badges [Both PNG and vector files]


PPC and Other Advertising Campaigns

If you’d like to run a Google Ads PPC campaign that mentions your company and Viteri Accounting & Financial Services in relation to our partnership, you’ll need to request approval from Viteri Accounting and Google for the trademark use. Here’s how the process works:


Fill out this form. You'll be asked to include the following:

  • Your 10-Digit Google Ads CID (Customer ID).

  • Postal address associated with the account

  • Full legal name of the company on the account

  • Website of the account

  • The full ad copy you plan to run

  1. Please ensure that Viteri Accounting & Financial Services is spelled with a capitals and that you include all variations of the ads you plan to run with the “Viteri Accounting & Financial Services” trademark.

  2. We’ll review the copy, make any appropriate edits, and have you sign a release (that includes the approved copy).

  3. Once we receive the signed document from you, we’ll countersign the release, send it back to you, and Viteri Accounting will initiate the approval process with Google, which can take up to 3 business days.

  4. We’ll notify you when Google has approved the request. You’ll then submit your ads to Google.


The Viteri Accounting Name


What’s in a name? We like to make things as easy as possible for our customers (and your customers) to know where they can go to get the best products, services and support to empower their business growth. Naming conventions is one way we like to simplify things -- all the while keeping the integrity of the Viteri Accounting brand -- so here’s some guidance on how to go about naming your programs, services, communities and content in relation to Viteri Accounting:

A question you may be asking is, how can I use the name Viteri Accounting to showcase our partnership?

Here’s some guardrails:


  • Indicate that you’re a “Viteri Accounting & Financial Services Partner.”

  • Include the "&" where possible, rather than typing out "and."  We know this is not always possible.  Sigh.

  • Be sure to create something that is distinct from Viteri Accounting’s brand and products if you’re naming a program or service for your agency. 



  • Title your program, service or product with the word Viteri Accounting in the title, or modify, imitate or abbreviate any Viteri Accounting brands or names anywhere in the naming convention.

  • Use your agency name + “for Viteri Accounting”. For example, “Webstar Marketing Program for Viteri Accounting” and “Amazing CRM Services for Viteri Accounting” wouldn’t be ok.

A note on discussions and forums:

  • We love when our partners create and foster online discussions, forums and general interest groups about Viteri Accounting. However, we require you follow either of the following naming guidelines.

  • Preface Viteri Accounting with “unofficial” (example: The Unofficial Viteri Accounting Marketing Automation Discussion Group)


  • In addition to conferences or events (see Events, above), the Viteri Accounting name should not be used in naming podcasts, newsletters, blogs, ebooks, reports, or other regular content vehicles produced by the partner. This also includes the use of the name Viteri Accounting in domain names such as

  • If you have any questions or would like to submit your naming idea for our consideration, please contact and a member of the team will respond to your inquiry in a timely fashion.

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