Meeting Your Specific Payroll Needs:​

  • Data entry via phone, e-mail, or data upload – we will let you determine the most convenient way for you to provide us with your payroll data. It’s your choice.

  • Cash Receipts – all your payroll will be properly documented and we will provide vouchers for your employees to sign in the event you have a cash payroll.

  • Direct Deposit processing – a welcome convenience for your employees

  • Electronic Tax Deposits — both federal and state deposits and filings

Providing All Necessary Reports and Regulatory Filings:

  • Restaurant-Tip reporting

  • Contractor Union & Prevailing Wage Payrolls

  • Reports & payroll summaries with each payroll.

  • Quarterly State and Federal Returns

  • State-Specific Reports and FIlings

  • Annual State and Federal Returns (including W-2’S and 1099’s)

  • Garnishment Payments

Accurate Processing of Complex Payroll

  • Nanny Payroll

  • Restaurant-Tip reporting

  • Contractor Union & Prevailing Wage Payrolls

Expert Management of Atypical Payroll Payments

  • Garnishment Deductions and Remittance

  • Child Support Deductions and Remittance