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Recruitment & HR Services

Viteri Accounting offers a wide range of recruitment and HR services as listed below.  We serve all industries and job positions including full-time or temporary help.  Let our team take the stress away from finding the right talent for your business.

  • Executive Search and Selection

 We will provide you with candidates who will perform work in accordance with your business requirements and are qualified based on their education, training, skills and experience. Thus, it is the intention of the Viteri Group to provide you with engaged talent who will stay long-term and deliver excellent performance at work.

 We will proactively search for talent for your present and future manpower requirements through the use of different platforms that provide competitive, effective and efficient results.

 The screening process will be performed by our HR Specialists who are skilled and have experience finding the best talent for our clients. Through this, the hiring manager will interview people who have the highest potential of being successful in a specific role.

  •  Recruitment Project Management

 The Viteri Group has experienced HR Specialists who can help you with:

  • Creating job postings

  • Managing the application process

  • Communicating with candidates

  • Customizing and administering tests for candidates

  • Managing your candidate database

  • Facilitating final job offers

  • Conducting employee background checks

  • Providing feedback to for those candidates not chosen for the position

  • Job Description and Position Specification

Proper job descriptions and position specifications can help increase the individual and organizational effectiveness. It can also help the employee understand his duties and responsibilities and how his position contributes to your business’ vision and mission. The Viteri Group will ease your burden in writing the appropriate job description and position specification.

  • HR Operations and Policy Handbooks

HR Policies help employees better understand their benefits, salaries and employment conditions. Through these policies, incidences of grievances and legal risks are reduced.

We, in The Viteri Group, can help you with tailor-fit policies that will meet the unique needs of your business.

  • Feedback Mechanism

An organization that provides prompt and fair consideration to individual or group feedback could lead to a productive relationship.

The Viteri Group can help you create Employee Opinion and Engagement Surveys to measure employee satisfaction and prevent attrition. 

Similing Team
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