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Virtual Employee Placement Services

Today's Workforce has changed drastically.  Many employees prefer the virtual experience to working in an office.  So, how do we find the right team member?  Especially when we simply, don't have the time to deal with the search?

Well, you can go to one of many of the hiring systems...

OR you can choose to work with our specialists.  Our company has been virtual from inception, so we are very well-versed in virtual hiring and how to ensure your virtual team works successfully, is fully engaged, and happy.

How does it work?

We sit down with your hiring manager to fully understand whom you are looking for and what is expected of them. 

We then post the positions on position-related job boards, work with current contacts, or post locally, looking specifically for virtual team members. 

We perform the first set of interviews and screen out the top candidates. 

Once this is complete, we then turn over interviews to your hiring manager to make the final decision.


After you have hired your new team member, we are here to assist you in working virtually and/or team engaging ideas where needed.


Do you need to directly hire or do you need to "rent" one of our team members? 

Either way, we can help!

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